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Chris Fraser


Chris Fraser is a multi-disciplinary, non-binary artist currently residing in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. Chris began creating at an early age, attending a visual and performing art school in Edmonton, Alberta. After graduating, they moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, later attaining a graphic design diploma at British Columbia Institute of Technology. Chris’ interest in painting and creating at a young age has helped them form a love for art and design that has carried them 
through into an emerging career. While focusing on the abundance of wildlife within the Pacific Northwest, Chris finds a way to express local beauty through scenes that create interest and a familiarity, focusing on organic subject matter. Their compositions represent a time and space that flows into visual dialogue between subject matter, conceptualizing and projecting meaning according to the viewer that experiences their work.
In future projects, Chris hopes to bring focus towards natural connections, helping translate the intricate ecosystems within their artwork.


“Metamorphosis” explores the organic formations of coral as abstract forms that have been interpreted through various textures, shapes and colours. With the understanding of rising ocean temperatures due to climate change, I want to convey corals metamorphosing from planktonic larvae to sedentary polyps. When these organisms stop swimming, while resting on rocks and the ocean floor, they begin their transformation into adult forms through several stages of development. Varying ocean temperatures cause coral polyps to lose zooxanthellae that live in the tissue of the polyps, resulting in coral bleaching. These sculptures act as a visual representation of the variations in coloured coral contrasting to the bleached, almost lifeless formations that are void of zooxanthellae.


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