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Chris Robson
Retrospective: Images In My Time 
June 15 - July 10

Artist Statement 

"During my career as an artist I perceived myself as a work in progress in experimentation, accumulation and elimination of processes. When it comes to achieving recognition and self expression, paradoxically I place myself in a position of judgement by my artistic peers to achieve these goals and be included in open competition through gallery exhibits, contracts, consignment and commissions. Doing this I have discovered that perfection has no finite boundaries and collaborations a rare door of opportunity for connecting with other artists and ideas.


My inspirations are influenced through music, the written word, natural and human contact. I document subject material for ideas using photography and sketching which is transferred back into finished drawings and relief prints. The idea of humour, interpretation and illustrating a story line has resurfaced in my career in the format of a comic book as well as in some of the subject matter of my prints.


I see myself as a Canadian artist influenced and inspired by rural and national land marks, and iconic images that enhance the history and character of a community. Wood relief, a challenging medium, has been my venue of discovery which I hope to embellish the physical nature of wood medium into my relief prints, capturing the changes of history, a constant source of inspiration."


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