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David Harrison
August 10 - August 31

Artist Statement 

"My work focuses on discovering the visual potency of geometry and using it as scaffolding in constructing creative solutions.


Geometric grids are the foundation in investigating the melding of both graphite and watercolour together, with added line incision and the use of perforation being used to reinforce the image. This unique approach progresses into using large colour fields with multiple overlays of powdered graphite and air-brushed screens.


The evolution of my grids during the Covid era shows evident growing tension with exterior forces and the imagery becoming non-objective.


The magnetic lines of force are a lifelong fascination to me, as has the earth's hidden energy flow shaping both our physical and personal worlds. It is this hidden energetic force that directs my image-making in both the objective and non-objective configurations.


My works show an evolution of grid structures from the objective to the non-objective, yet also bring light to building the invisible forces informing our daily lives."