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Jennifer Ferries
Quiet Coexistence
June 15 - July 10

Artist Statement 

"A consistent theme in my work is our co-existence with the natural world, either consciously or unconsciously. We share the same plane of which we are unaware. The images of children in the paintings indicate a portal into that world of the unseen.

In this group of paintings, they are positioned in specific landscapes that I have observed, drawn and photographed. I have then juxtaposed the images and created a structure for the final painting.


I like to think of the parallel universe; ghosts moving in and out of our stories; animals on track beside us; spirits intertwining beneath the trees; DNA repeating; lines of history lengthening; stars guiding us; the notion of romance or magic in the age of the hard drive. The figure of the child is the incidental figure indicator of our relationship with the landscape; the animal presence; the familiar; the connecting force. The landscape; the dreamscape; transcendence. These are fictions grounded in observed realities. The carnera replaces the sketch; ideas that begin with the landscape become idealized; light, the revealer, creating the mise en scene? always the between world.


This is the idea or ideal that I strive for in my work, within the structure and formal aspeet of painting."


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