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Apperception: 1. The highest degree of perception, in which the consciousness accepts the sensory impression with maximal intensity. 2. the process of understanding something in terms of previous experience.


To paraphrase philosopher Alan Watts, the purpose of life is simply to be alive, to be completely engaged in the here and now. With that in mind, I paint—not to capture an image but to be immersed in the moment as the colours play out on the paper before me. Each painting evolves intuitively, and, whether subconsciously directed or just a happy accident, the result is like a self-made Rorschach test. How I interpret the finished piece is likely different from the way you may interpret it. Where I see God, you may see Dog. Both interpretations are equally valid, so please ignore what I’ve titled these pieces and call ‘em as you see ‘em.


Joanne is currently semi-retired (when she’s not expediting for fly-fishermen or working at Crossroads CRM) and lives in Telkwa, BC. Before pretending to retire, she was publisher of Northword Magazine. And, before that, she enjoyed getting paid to torture words in various radio and print capacities. But, spanning it all, she was/is mother to five children, by whom she is continually amazed.

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