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Katie Kmet



Polychrome is a group of Acrylic Paintings inspired by digitally edited landscape photographs. The concept of Polychrome was born from my desire to isolate individual colours using computer software. Through this exploration came the ability to compose expressive, colour-rich landscapes with a distinct angular effect.

These compositions reflect a beauty seen through a life shaped by digital exposure. A style undeniably influenced by video game design, illustration and animation.

My hope for this exhibit is to excite with colour and entice the viewer to examine the ways technology shapes the way we relate to our environment.



Creating has always been a major source of joy and fulfillment. My fondness of Acrylic painting began in 2004 and inspired me to attend The Visual Arts Program at Camosun College. After graduating, I moved to Victoria and fell into other pursuits separate from Art making.

A decade and a baby later, I find my creativity flourishing again in the nurturing art community of the Bulkley Valley. Inspiration is abundant as I find myself filling canvas after canvas with expressive, abstracted landscapes.

The quick dry nature of acrylic paint pairs well with my style of fast work. Composition, lighting, playful colour and the outdoors are central to my Art practice.

When I motivate a viewer to take a moment to escape, give thought, and interpret what they will, my work has succeeded.

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