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Kimber McCormick
River Wilde


Organic Formations of Growth - Reinterpreted

July 13 - August 7

Artist Statment

Both artists make art as a way to protest against the societal box in which fibre is usually placed and tucked away. They draw on methods usually reserved for frugality and utility of a mender or crafter to inspire and create each unique form. Like the repetition of nature, the original creation’s irregularities make each piece beautifully imperfect. The tactile imitations and reimaged forms entice the audience's senses to engage; drawn to touch, caress, savour and play. Wiring into a neurodivergent
perspective, Wilde’s inspiration mirrors the natural world utilizing yarns
to reinterpret everyday organic forms. Through natural mediums, such as
wool, leather, wood, etc., McCormick creates a glimpse into a world
unlike our own, familiar yet alien.

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