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Artist Statement 

"My focus are the wild plants, both native and naturalized, of my home British Columbia.
There is rich Indigenous knowledge and practice associated with native plants, however
through colonization much of this knowledge was lost to many people living here. My deepest
respect and appreciation goes to the First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest for their knowledge
of harvesting, preparing, and using indigenous plants since time immemorial. Rather than
appropriate the knowledge given to us by the First Peoples I try to pay tribute to its richness and

As medicine became available in concentrated pill form and food easily accessible
through grocery stores rather than directly through forest and farm, western society’s reliance
on wild plants as medicine and as food has faded and thus our knowledge of local plants has
degraded. One is more capable of identifying different brands than being able to recognize local
trees, plants and wildflowers. These hyper-detailed, macro photographs of common British
Columbia wild flora are my attempt to reconcile my disconnection from the natural world around
me and to learn about the environment that I live in."

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