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Leah Pipe


Leah is an artist and designer living in Hazelton, BC. She has the "heart of a raven" - creative, curious and drawn to beauty. Leah considers herself portrait painter - portraits of wild beings. Her work is both simple and detailed, capturing natural elements and portraying them in a striking, get minimalistic layout.
She guides her viewers to truly examine the micro-amazing details of a feather, a raven's beak, snow-capped mountains, salmon tails and the shapes of wolves ears. She asks you to hear and feel the heartbeat in her portraits.

Deeper into the Forest

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” - John Burroughs


We go to nature in order to heal, soothe our senses, reflect and think. Walking into the neighbouring marsh and woods is a daily task for me. As I walk further into the forest, I feel the details and confines of my human world slip away. There's a poignant and notable transition one feels as we walk in nature. We carry our worries with us as we enter the forest. Soon,
branches and fallen trees start to slow our gait, slowing us down to focus on the path ahead.
Hanging moss starts to darken the sky and a beautiful clear silence emerges like entering a new room with it's own air, lightness, structure. Smells of damp grass, sun-crisp leaves and sweet dew start to wash over us. As we move deeper still, Ravens hop onto branches, following us as we go. Dragonflies flit close by to say hello. Chickadees go about their daily chores, hardly noticing you and yet, at the same time, welcoming you to the family. You are accepted. You've moved successfully through the portal – from one world to the other. A fresh, new world that is always there for you – to heal, breathe, release and connect to everything that truly matters.



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