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Welcome to "hand in hand".  This exhibit contains a collection of landscapes and the abstracts that were inspired by them. Each landscape has a companion abstract.  The two were painted together using the same colour palette and have a
relationship with each other.  They are a matching set, two paintings that speak to each other.

My current work involves themes of connection and the meaning we attach to the places we inhabit.  In my landscape paintings I use minimalist realism, aiming to strip away visual clutter to encourage the viewer to experience the essence of what it feels like to inhabit that space.  Our experience of a physical space is influenced by our own perceptions and emotions, so what I see is probably not exactly what you see when looking at a river or a mountain.  By removing and simplifying elements I hope to leave space for people to put themselves into the scene, leaving it open to personal interpretation and hopefully connecting with each viewer in a unique way.

In my abstract work I’m pushing this idea even further.  I like to start with a landscape as an inspirational launching pad and approach it in an intuitive way, letting each stage of the painting inform the next.  By abstracting shapes and removing the representational frame of reference I try to dig deeper into the emotional impact of a place or a moment in time.  When I think of all the places that I’ve been, years later the things that remain are the memories and feelings that were created there.  This is what I’m trying to communicate in my abstract work.  I’m taking a place that is objectively beautiful and turning it into a subjective, personal experience.



After receiving her Diploma in Fine Arts from Okanagan College in 1985, Lynn took on various artistic occupations such as airbrush artist, sign painter and custom framer.  After moving to Prince Rupert she pursued a full-time career in art.  She has exhibited at Island Mountain Arts in Wells, BC, the Smithers Art Gallery, the Terrace Art Gallery, and the Ruth Harvey Art Gallery at the Museum of Northern BC in Prince Rupert, where her work is held in permanent collection.   

Lynn’s work involves themes of connection and the meaning we attach to the places we inhabit.  Utilizing minimalist realism and experimenting with the contrast between light and dark, exposed and hidden, she communicates subtle truths about grand places.

As a board member of the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council she was involved in the creation of the Cassiar Cannery Artist in Residence program.  She has been a dog trainer and for a number of years was involved in dog rescue where she fostered, rehabilitated and re-homed dogs who've had had a rough start in life.  Lynn usually has a houseful of pets and currently shares her home with a giant cat.  Besides art, art history and animals, she loves the outdoors and coffee.

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