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Artist Statement 

"My lifelong approach to art-making has always been led by a desire to adventure into
nature. These daily outings in nature continue to delight my soul, the natural world is
filled with unexpected moments which unfold to provide pure inspiration for my

In my art I push beyond the representational depiction of a scene to include a glimpse
of the energy in the emotion of my connection to a place. I have been relentlessly
painting a vision of Haida Gwaii one surface at a time both Plein Air and in my studio.
The paintings express the intangible soul stirring moments which define my vision of

that place while remaining illustrative enough to invite the viewer to consider their own
journey to the scene.

During this past year I was able to navigate the global pandemic by doing what comes
so natural to me - spending time on the land and creating paintings inspired by those
solo outings. 16 years ago my adventures led me to Haida Gwaii. Here I find
inspiration in both the raw and wild landscape as well as the Haida people who
continue to live connected to the land."

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