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With my paintings I hope to reflect my love of the more wild areas surrounding the Bulkley Valley and a little beyond.  I love to hike, paddle, ski and snowshoe, so I try to get out regularly throughout the year in all kinds of weather. Like almost every painter, often what I want to capture is the light and how it reflects off snow, rock, greenery and water.  But mostly I want my paintings to reflect the joy I have when I am in the mountains, the lakes and rivers in the wonderful place in which we live.



I don’t think of myself as an artist but as a painter trying to capture what is so familiar to me and what I love so much. Educated as a teacher and later as an administrator, I taught for many years in the Bulkley Valley. Throughout my years

as an elementary teacher, I integrated art into the curriculum, not only in Language Arts and Social Studies, but even Math.

It certainly made the subjects much more interesting to teach, but also for the students to demonstrate their understanding. Integrating Art into the school curriculum was even the focus of my graduate studies!

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