Skeena Salmon heARTs
Show & Auction
August 1 - August 29
Welcome to our online Skeena Salmon heARTs Show & Auction!
The Skeena Salmon Arts Show is back with its most expansive show yet, a three-venue exhibition and online auction spanning the Skeena Watershed at the Terrace Art Gallery, Misty Rivers Arts Centre and the Smithers Art Gallery. For 2020, this unique show now includes interpretations of care and compassion during the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists were invited to consider how they can incorporate the ways in which we show care for one another during the pandemic in addition to the standing Skeena Salmon theme, celebrating our sense of place in the northwest. 
Enjoy browsing our virtual exhibition! The Smithers Art Gallery is proud to have 58 pieces included in our exhibition. If you see something that you would like to bid on, simply click "Bid Now!" and you will be directed to our Facebook Page where you will be able to enter your bid amount in the comment section of the specific piece you are interested in. The current bid amount will be updated throughout the day. 
If you do not have access to Facebook, please contact us at the Smithers Art Gallery gallery to place a bid. 
We are also open to the public! Please visit our Covid-19 page to see our hours and to read our Covid-19 Safety Plan. 

Atheana Picha

#112 "4 Salmon"

Pencil Crayon and Acrylic, 8"

Final Bid: $105.00

Amanda Hartman

#96 "BC Coast"

Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $60.00

Carly Nabess

#110 "Fiddles of Love"

Mixed Media, Wood Burning, Acrylic Beads,

Ink and Watercolour, 12"

Final Bid: $275

Charlotte Linford

#59 "Stekyawden View"

Acrylic, 8"

Final Bid: $55.00

Emily Klaassen

#69 "Salmon Exchange 1"

Oil Based Ink Linocut, 8"

Final Bid: $110.00

Gabrielle Aubertin

#72 "Steelhead Skeena Sunset"

Ink and Watercolour, 12"

Final Bid: $110.00

Jamie Nole

#111 "Take What You Need

- Milit"

Acrylic, Sand, Metallic Leaf, Glitter, 16"

Final Bid: $180.00

Alex Talstra

#113 "It is What it is"

Acrylic, 8"

Starting Bid: $40.00

Amanda Hugon 

 #99 "Live the Life You Love: With Lace"

Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $70.00

Cecelia McKay

#106 "Appreciate and Bring

Peace To Those Around You"

Acrylic, 12"

Starting Bid: $55.00

Coral Cargill

#67 "Lunch"

Watercolour, 12"

Final Bid: $50.00

Emmarie Brown

#70 "Splashing at Night"

Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $70.00

Gerry Sheena

#58 "Sacred Salmon"

Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $70.00

Jessica Stanley (Weibe)

#74 "Roots"

Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $120.00

Alyssa Lebiadowski

# 65 "A Red with Heart"

Glass on Acrylic 

Final Bid: $125.00

Anneh Kessels

#66 "Willow Heart 1"

Willow, 16'

Final Bid: $70.00

Cecelia McKay

#105 "You Are Strong"

Acrylic, 16"

Starting Bid: $55.00

Diane Hartnett

#68 "The Last Run"

Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $75.00

Facundo Gastio


Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $50.00

Isabelle Chernish

#73 "Saviour"

Needle Felted Wool, 12"

Final Bid: $70.00

Joerg Jung

#101 "Bald Eagle Portrait 'Past'"

Airbrush Water Based Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $250.00

Johanna Beyers

#60 "Reflections"

Mixed Media, 12"

Final Bid: $65.00

Jordan Talstra

#114 "Colours"

Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $40.00

Joyce McKenna

#109 "Valley"

Watercolour, 8"

Final Bid: $50.00

Julie Chaplin 

#75 "Illusion"

Acrylic and Branch, 16"

Final Bid: $40.00

Justin Dennis

#76 "Proud Raven"

Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $70.00

Kim Woodd

#117 "Salamanders"

Ceramic, 9"

Final Bid: $50.00

Kimberely McCormick

#78 "Past, Present, Future"

Wool, 16"

Final Bid: $60.00

Kristen McKay

#108 "Dipnet"

Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $140.00

Kristin Charleton

#79 "Hudson Bay Mountain"

House Paint, 16"

Final Bid: $75.00

Leigh Haworth

#97 "Sustainable"

Wood Burning and Acrylic, 16"

Starting Bid: $80.00

Levi Greaves

#94 "Tough as Diamonds"

Gouache with Resin Topcoat, 8"

Final Bid: $60.00

Lily Robin Dinwoodie

#92 "Flowers"

Wood Burning

Starting Bid: $40.00

Linda Stringfellow

#80 "Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Calm"

Collage, 12"

Starting Bid: $130.00

Lorraine Hnidan Kendall

#61 "Love, Peace, Infinity"

Leather, Buttons, Copper, 8"

Starting Bid: $50.00

Marie-Christine Claveau


Wood Burning, 8"

Final Bid: $45.00

Mark Tworow

#82 "Heart Creek"

Oil and Wood Blocks, 16"

Final Bid: $250.00

Martha Wertz

#81"End of the Journey"

Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $110.00

Mary-Ann Speirs

#62 "Day of Happiness"

Acrylic, 8"

Starting Bid: $40.00

Melina Jacques

#100 "The Flow of Life"

Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $85.00

Melodie Starr Hoy

#98 "Eat Salmon"

Acrylic, 16"

Starting Bid: $40.00

Michelle Gazely

#83 "Looking into the Skeena"

Oil, 12"

Final Bid: $105.00

Michelle Stoney

#63 "Salmon Eggs"

Acrylic, 8"

Final Bid: $130.00

Mitchell Brager

#90 "A Colourful Fish"

Acrylic, 12"

Final Bid: $70.00

Nicole Hawkins

#84 "Listen to Your Heart 1"

Acrylic and Vinyl, 8"

Starting Bid: $75.00

Paula Wesley

# 116 "The Beekeeper"

Acrylic, 12"

Starting Bid: $90.00

Perry Rath

#86 "Tributary Heart 1"


Final Bid: $75.00

Poppy Dubar

#87 "Skeena Highway"

Oil, 16"

Final Bid: $100.00

Rachel Boone

#88 "Hyland Mountain Range"

Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $150.00

Renata Ar

#89 "Peak-A-Whoo"

Acrylic, 16"

Final Bid: $40.00