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Exhibition Applications

We are now accepting applications for our 2022 season which runs February - November.
Applications are due Friday, October 29th, 2021.


In its entirety, the Gallery measures approximately 111 running feet and can accommodate approximately 30-40 pieces of wall art, depending on size. The Gallery can be divided into two connected spaces referred to as the Main Gallery and the Mini Gallery. The Main Gallery measures approximately 78.3 running feet, and the Mini Gallery 32.6 running feet. The Gallery has a large number of plinths and an additional 40 running feet of moveable wall space for displaying work as well. Artists must indicate on their application form if they are applying for the Full Gallery, Main Gallery, or the Mini Gallery. 




Artists do not have to be a member to submit an application or to be exhibited in the Gallery, however; members do receive a reduced commission rate on sales. Commission percentages are 25% for members and 35% for non-members. Memberships are $25/year (valid May 1-April 30) and need to be purchased by the opening date of the exhibition for the reduced commission rate to apply. 



The Gallery will make payments to exhibiting artists based on the CARFAC 2022 fee schedule. We are a Class I small space, hosting exhibitions for a 4-5 week time period. Payments will be made within 30 days of the end of an artist exhibition. Although artists are paid for royalties there is a requirement for having work available for sale during each exhibition at the Smithers Art Gallery.


In order to ensure that there is a varied and interesting schedule, the Gallery will exhibit a solo show artist no more than once every two years. 



Applications are only accepted during our annual call for artists in September. Artists will be notified of the outcome of their application in late November. Application packs can be submitted by email, mail, or in person. Applications need to include the following:

  • Completed application form

  • A written description of the proposed exhibition 

  • 10-15 digital or high-quality prints of the work you are proposing to exhibit or examples of similar work saved as jpg files on USB or sent via email. All images must be labelled and accompanied by an image list with the artist name, title of each piece, medium and dimension (WxHxD).

  • A website address and/or a social media page handle relating to your work (if you have one) 

  • Artist's Statement - artist introduction: why and how you make your art

  • Biography - include education, exhibition history, teaching or other relevant experience to your art, scholarships and awards


Submissions will be juried by an independent selection committee and evaluated on artistic and creative excellence, originality, representation and cultural significance and impact of work. We welcome art in all different mediums. Exhibitions change once every 4-5 weeks. 

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