Exhibition Applications

Our call for submissions goes out in the fall of each year, inviting artists and curators to submit proposals for the upcoming exhibition cycle.
Applications are currently not being accepted, please check back or
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In its entirety, the Gallery measures approximately 121 running feet and can accommodate approximately 30-40 pieces of wall art, depending on size. The Gallery can be divided into two connected spaces referred to as the Main Gallery and the Mini Gallery. The Main Gallery measures approximately 87.5 running feet, and the Mini Gallery 33.5 running feet. The Gallery has a large number of plinths for displaying work as well. Artists must indicate on their application form if they are applying for the Full Gallery, Main Gallery, or the Main Gallery. 




Artists do not have to be a member to submit an application or to be exhibited in the Gallery, however; members do receive a reduced commission rate on sales. Commission percentages are 25% for members and 35% for non-members. Memberships are $25/year (valid May 1-April 30) and need to be purchased by the opening date of the exhibition for the reduced commission rate to apply. More information on memberships can be found here. 



In order to ensure that there is a varied and interesting schedule, the Gallery will exhibit a solo show artist (i.e. Full Gallery or Main Gallery) no more than once every two years. 




Applications can only be accepted when our call for submissions goes out annually in the fall. Artists will be notified of the outcome of their application in late December. Application packs can be submitted by email, mail, or in person. Applications need to include the following:

  • Completed application forms

  • A written description of the proposed exhibition 

  • 10-15 high-quality digital images (jpeg format, max. 1MB each) which show examples of the actual pieces you would be exhibiting 

  • A website address and/or a social media page handle relating to your work (if you have one) 

  • Artist's Statement

  • Biography/Curriculum Vitae 

An independent selection committee, comprised of artists and art-lovers from the community, as well as the Gallery's Art Director, will then jury all submissions received. We welcome all exhibition proposals in all different mediums. Exhibitions change once every 4-5 weeks and do not run in January, as the Gallery is closed during that time for scheduling and planning purposes.