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Christmas Artisan Market 2023

One of a Kind is a seasonal gift shop of unique, high-quality handcrafted work by local and regional artisans located in the Smithers Art Gallery from November 24 - December 24. The Gallery is located in a heritage building on Main Street and Hwy 16 on the main floor. We are operated by a non-profit organization with the mission “creating community through art”.  

Shop Guidelines

Products: All items for sale must be handmade by the person offering them for sale. If this is your first time selling in our Gallery Shop, please submit 3 photos of your work & an artist bio.

The Gallery supports the creation and distribution of original artwork, recognizing the cultural significance and use of Indigenous (including but not exclusive to First Nation, Metis and Inuit) imagery as the purview of those who identify as a part of those cultural groups. The gallery will only display and sell cultural works produced by Indigenous artists or done in collaboration with Indigenous artists with appropriate consent(s).


Promotion: The Gallery will advertise and promote products/artisans through our established social media, website, membership emails, community event listings and posters. Formats will be provided to each participant for use on your own social media.


Sales: The Gallery sells artisans’ work on a commission basis of 25% members/30% non-members. There is no requirement to volunteer (although we find it does increase sales), credit card fees are included.

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