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  1. This exhibition is open to all high-school aged students currently in Grades 8-12 who are being educated in between Hazelton and Burns Lake OR were a high school student in 2021 or 2022

  2. Work must have been produced during high school

  3. Max. 3 works per student (we cannot guarantee that every work will be able to be exhibited)  

  4. All media are eligible, including sculpture, pottery, woodwork, metalwork, beading, jewellery, fibre art, textiles

  5. If work is to be hung is must be mounted on foam core, hardboard or framed

Artwork does not have to be for sale. If the student wishes to sell their work, the gallery will charge our membership rate of commission of 25%. Membership fees are waived for this exhibition. 


Please submit the admission form with your artwork to your teacher or the gallery by Friday, January 20, 2023.  

You can drop off work in advance at the gallery Tues-Sat

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