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Mark Thibeault



The marks we make are an expression of our own individual and unique histories.
The Populated series began as we moved toward isolation. I continued to paint but in a less physical manner. Rather than large marks made with a sweeping motion of the entire arm extended, I held smaller brushes and sat at a table with paper or canvas close. In doing so, I was reminded of how beautiful and important the smallest mark may be.



Mark Thibeault’s practice extends across painting, music and lutherie. Working from his Telkwa studio in northern British Columbia Canada, he is inspired by the natural environment, and how it and human experience both continually adapt to the other’s changing influence and needs.


The notion of constant change, adaptation and improvisation is part of his creative process.  His
expressive paintings are a collection of experiences finding their way to be witnessed as a mark - an
intuitive unveiling or revealing of the inherent linear compositions woven through our perception of the
world and our interactions within it. 


Thibeault’s work has recently been selected for Art Folio Annual 2021, A Curated Collection of the
World’s Most Exciting Artists.  

Thibeault studied for a BFA Honours in visual arts at the University of Windsor, Ontario (1992).



The Populated series is a collection of works that favour gesture and immediacy. Energised and intuitive marks may then collect to make for busier imaginings. It is that energy and immediacy that inform the final composition.